Frequently Asked Questions

Information on comes two main sources: visitors to the site, and public databases. When you browse any web site, including, your web browser transmits information about your IP address and/or DNS hostname (which refers to the computer you are using) so that web servers know where to send the web pages being requested.
The content on our web pages generally comes from a variety of government databases that contain public information. We do not purchase information of any kind for from private entities, nor do we sell information about our users to others.

Please use our Contact Us form to get in touch with us about an issue you may have with information on Using the form helps streamline the process, as we typically many requests per day and have only a small staff to respond.
If a piece of public information is harming you or someone you know, the best course of action is to attempt to have it sealed or expunged by the government agency publishing the information first, and then to get in touch with us.

Courts favor public access to public information including court records. Therefore, we do not require your consent to publish public information about you or make changes to